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And I was just here looking for this! :ninja:


My contest prize arrived with some GREAT unexpected party gifts! Thanks!!!!


Let's see, how many coins have I got from you now???  Oh yeah, 4.  Definite pleasure to do business with.  ;)


I've lost count of my deals with Bill, but every one has been a good experience.  excellent trading partner, highly recommended.


I've learned to ask Bill first, before I bid!!!  I will continue to purchase from Bill.  I've never had any problems at all.  A+++++++++++++++++++++


Have made a few substantial transactions with Bill. Awesome material, secure packaging, and very patient ;)


Dealt with Bill for at least 2 years now, always a pleasure.


Recently did a deal with Bill on 3 Silver Eagles. I sent check, he sent coins wrapped up nice and safe for their ride through the snail mail. Will be looking forward to future transactions as they arise.


Blackhawk knows how to treat his buyers. I was very happy with the deal he gave me  :mrgreen: !


I have had a couple dealing with Bill. Always great to deal with. Great coins.


I've been dealing with Bill since NumisAddict days. Always a great transaction and one really nice guy!
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Made my first forum purchase from Blackhawk and it was a good experiance. Would buy again.  :ninja:


Just bought a bag of wheaties (the coins, not the cereal) and a Carson City dime from Bill.  Always a smooth transaction.  A++++++++, Great Coinpeopler (new lingo, you heard it here first)!


Man, what great packing and the coins were as described. Fast, too. Thanks, Bill!




Bought a coin on Thursday...got it on Monday!  Can't beat that shipping!  Always good dealing with Blackhawk.  The coin is just as described.


Completed first trade with Bill, always A #1 with shipping and deals.  :thumbsup:


I just received the coins I bought from him.


They are all in better condition than I expected, and excellently packaged.


I will be doing business with him again!


Another sweet package from Bill today; First class packaging and material. Thanks Bill ;)


Got me just what I needed and in super fast time!


Another fine, smooth purchase at a good deal. :thumbsup:


Recently got three coins from Bill.  Excellent transaction.  Thanks again.  Greg ;)
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Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Highly recommended.


Bill is a great guy to deal with.  I thought I had left him feedback previously, but it appears that I overlooked it.  I have been dealing with Bill for several years, and have always been more than happy with each and every transaction.  Just today I received a group of Chinese lottery tickets that are just great!!  Look forward to continued business with Bill!!  Thanks!!!


The 3 medals that I purchased are very nice, and pictures show true quality, accuratley described... Fast shipping, ummm, what else can I say, I will deffinatley be looking for more items from this guy, excellent to deal with.



I have too many purchases to list everytime.  :ninja: But just completed a few more.


And thank you again (and again) Bill for wonderful transactions!




received my coins yesterday from Bill. What an awesome packing job, super fast shipping and to top it off, great coins. ;)


Received the 3 1800s silver coins today!


Thanks Bill! They are in excellent condition!


I love getting a coin in the mail quickly, and most of all having it look so much more lovely than the image. 


My new 1922 Italian 20 centesimi is my favourite 20th century coin now, I am very very pleased with it and Blackhawk for making it available.  Truly a great experience.


First purchase with Bill- excellent! He shipped it out fast and the coins were great!!


Thank ya very much, Received some coins today, quick transaction, looking forward to buying more and more. ;)
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Just received my coin. Top notch packing, Excelent coins, and a good price for shipping.



Blackhawk kicks A$$. The best, period.


Received some moe coins today, pleasure to do business with as always, fast shipping, quality ORIGINAL coins. Thanks BH.


And some good stuff in the mail today!


Received some more coins, all accuratley described, first purchase in a long time that i've actually been excited about the coins I received, thank ya Bill.


Got another one from Bill. All is good, THANKS!


Ditto that again. :ninja:


Did another deal with Bill and very happy. Life is good.


Great coins. Fast, fast shipping.


I've received today a GREAT coin from Blackhawk! He's a great seller! Thank you for the extras as well. :thumbsup:



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It arrived!


I have it in front of me!!!!!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I have a great and beautiful watch now!!!!! :ninja:


My daughter likes her BTW half, thank you very much ;)


Quick and accurate,


Love the hawk!


Terrific prize, already here. WOW! RCM dollar. Thank you.


Just wrapped up my transaction with Bill. What a pleasant surprise this was. As this was the first time I had ordered anything from a member of any forum I was a little apprehensive, but it turned out wonderfully. Bill is a pleasure to communicate and deal with. I look forward to more purchases from him.



Another great deal completed with Bill!! :lol:


Beautiful notes recived today, after sweating for over a week ;) . Another happy transaction, thanks Bill, you da' man :verycool:


Got my contest price in the mail today :cry:


Bill added some nice extra's too :D


Many thanks, Bill :thumbsup:


What more can we say? Bill is the best.


Received my Walker today, great coin. Another great transaction with Bill.



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Another package from Bill, including a beautiful "73" proof Ike dollar, and a very interesting "throw in". Always a pleasure to deal with Bill.


Received my prize from Bill. Thanks again! :ninja:


Got my contest winnings today with an extra one thrown in.


Nice one, Bill!  :thumbsup:


Got my coin from Bill from his contast, and it was an excellent coin thanks Bill.PS can't wait for more from Bill.


Another round another  :thumbsup:


Received a bank load of coins from Bill, great deal as always.


Got a great looking little fishie coin from Danzig today.  Great seller!!!! Thanks!!!!!


Another wonderful transaction with Bill. The coins and the gift are great.


Yet another quick and cool transaction.  8-)




2 words.....Bill Roxxx.....simple as that.....:verycool:


Hope to strike another deal with u soon buddy,


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Another type set peices bites the dust.  :lol:  And another wonderful transaction with Bill.  Extras even.  I love them.


Recieved a beautiful 1899 $1.00 Silver Certificate from Bill today. It is always a pleasure to deal with Bill, he is just a darn nice person.


Good deal on 12 Phillipe 5 francs. Quick shipping, careful packaging. Thanks, Bill.


Another perfect deal with extras.  :cry:


:ninja:  ;)  ;)  Another beautiful coin for my type set!


Great Portuguese coins, thanks Bill


Got a beautiful Polish coin from Bill, yesterday.  Thanks!!!
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I just bought 16 coins off of Bill. I was expecting them to come in a regular envelope but no, they came nicely packed away in a padded envelope.


Great person to deal with and if he keeps tempting me with these for sale ads, I may have to buy more :ninja:

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Bill listed a couple coins from Latvia that I needed, so I snatched them up. When he PM'ed to give me the details, he offered a few more at a great price, to sweeten the pot. When I opened the package today, not only do I find all the great Latvian coins I was expecting, but also a couple of Romanian bonus coins!! Great dealing with Bill, as always.

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My 1794 Cent arrived today. Great coin. Great packaging. Fast shipment. (I'd say great price, but I don't want it to go to Bill's head and have everything get more expensive. ;) )


Thanks buddy. You're tops with me. :ninja:

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