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Old UK magazine 'Money of the World'

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I'm a new member here. I just wondered if anyone based in the UK remembered an old magazine called 'Money of the World'? I got the first issue and it is what got me started on banknote collecting.


My (perhaps slightly naive) question is: Does anybody know if the banknotes that were included with the magazine genuine or replicas? If they are replicas then they look reasonably good to a novice, with watermarks and fibres in the paper.


There was a Mozambique - 100 Escudos note a Poland - 50 Zlotych note and a Peruvain note with the first issue.


Thanks for any replies.






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Thanks for such a swift reply, I hadn't spotted that You Tube ad!


Found my childhood banknote collection in my parents attic at the weekend and keen to restart.




:bthumbsup: Good luck, Tom!

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No, not being published any more. From what I can tell, looks like 100 magazines were published as a fortnightly series starting around 15 years ago. Very well suited to kids, but as there seems to be little published numismatic information around that covers basic worldwide collecting, also well-suited to new-to-the-hobby grown-ups as well!

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Hi, I started collecting these about 20+ years ago.I have got up to issue 35 .I would be interested in getting hold of any others for my son.I am not too sure what issue they had gone up to . If anyone can help then please feel free to contact me.



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Hi Annette,

I have the majority of the rest of the collection if you're interested? I was just about to get rid of them, so would be much happier if they go to a new home!


Kind regards,


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Hi Lorna, if you haven’t got rid of the magazine collection I would like to express an interest in taking them from you, I broke off my subscription while collecting and am keen to try to advance my copies.



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