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A really nice Korea coin 1892 fun


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Finding a coin from this era in strong UNC / aUNC condition is really difficult, in particular the smaller denomination 1 fun.


I am really stoked to obtain one in raw condition like this.




Unlike the larger denomination 5 fun, this coin is more yellow than red as it has aluminum in it. Only minted for four years, it seems to be a lot less common than 5 fun in any condition. UNC condition just makes it a lot more desirable.


Here's an example of 5 fun




Bear in mind that a lot of these 5 fun coins were shipped off to China to be overstruck as 10 cash (most likely by private mints / fraud entrepreneurs). Even so, I reckon for every 1 fun coin out there, there's at least 10 of 5 fun coins. It's a "fun" collection. :)

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