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should it be considered a coin or a medallion


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I would call it a token. In the United States in the early 20th century, pennies were sometimes enclosed in a similar ring, usually made of aluminium. They were sold as good luck tokens.


With this one, the coin is probably real -- although this might be a good way to dispose of some of the fake 10 rouble pieces which surface now and then -- you can't see the edge, anyway. ;)

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By the Franklin Mint, encased in 1/2 troy oz of silver with their mark, all info from the internet.


The silver ring is supposedly a very loose fit, I assume so that you could remove the coin.


A collection of 12, 'Gold Coins of the Great Powers of Europe', by Franklin Mint - International Numismatic Society. To include:20 Krona, 1890; 20 mark, 1887; 20 French Francs, 1897; 20 French Francs, 1863; 20 Lira, 1882; 10 Rubel, 1899; 20 Hungarian FR, 1887; 10 Nederland Gulden, 1875; Austrian 20 Francs 8 Florins; 1880; Belgian 20 Franc, 1875; Swiss 20 Franc, 1883 & a Victorian gold sovereign 1890. Each coin cased in plastic, with a presentation box.

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