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British India Silver Rupees


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I got these 6 silver coins from my mother. All weight 11 grams. What might be their value? and are they rare? I am posting only 1 side coz I dont want to scan again, (I use a scanner. It gives better quality than a camera ) and coz the rear only shows the face of the monarch which one can tell by noticing the year.

[768 X 960 at 2400 dpi]

To view [9600 X 12000 at 2400 dpi] , click on : http://www.mediafire.com/view/sf251czfe52syz2



My coin count is 729 now.


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All are relatively common - I don't think there are any particular scarcer dates for the series.


I do need to note that there are a number of jeweler's copies in recent years, which are usually best identifiable by the obverse (head's side) being rather cruder, and in a much lower relief than on the original / genuine pieces.

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