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Paul I silver medal


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currently on ebay is for sale this silver medal from Kiev;

the seller provides its weght 21.7 gr and diameter about 40 mm;

to me this medal should weight around 30 gr or little more;

seems to me that it is unreal piece, - any opinions ?

also, very affordable price for real piece - $299




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Well I got one, not sure if it's the same as was at the eBay auction here. Mine was from a US seller. The medal is silver, and rings well. I took it to the Denver coin show, and had a few people look at it. They did not find it repulsive. One dealer had a portable spectrometer, and indicted that this is silver with alloys that he has seen in old silver. The edge is very sharp, ring struck.


The weight is about 23 grams, which makes it Diakov 243.9. There is also Diakov 243.7 which weighs in at about 30+ grams, and Diakov 243.3 weighing in at about 50 gr. I do not have the Diakov catalogs, but curious to find out what's listed under the other numbers.




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Congratulations! Diakov catalog lists sizes, not weights. But then again, smaller size, smaller weight.

243.1 is a 65 mm medal by Maria Fedorovna, the wife of Paul.

243.2 51mm by Leberecht

243.3 same but different initials - C.L.F, instead of a full signature as on the previous.

243.4 51mm by Alexeev, copy of Leberecht medal

243.5 51mm by Meisner - C.M.F.

243.6 51mm by Alexeev, copy of Meisner medal

243.7 44mm by Leberecht with full signature

243.8 44mm by Alexeev, copy of Meisner medal

243.9 39mm by Meisner

243.10 39mm by Meisner

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