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Completed Soviet 1961 - 1991 50 kopek


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This is a really difficult set to assemble. A few coins were from ex-mint sets and took a lot of patience to gather this set. I don't think I'll upgrade a couple of the coins as the asking price for some of them are just absurd. The last coin that I needed was the 1975 50 kopek.

Key dates of this are as follows: 1970 - 1972, 1975 is a surprise. All these four coins look like they were from ex-mint sets. 1979 and 1980 both look like they were from mint sets as well.

Another big surprise is the 1991 50 kopek struck in Moscow mint - this was quite difficult to find despite low catalog value.

Enjoy the picture that I've put together.


Maybe you would like to attempt a simliar set like this? Please feel free to show your 50 kopek collection.

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Nice collection. I really enjoy your album creations as well as the fine coins you keep in them.

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