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So how does the 'weird' get 'weirder'?... You find a post-mint Liberty Bell/Map stamped penny (which is weird to me as to why a company would do that), with what very much appear to be mint errors on it.


I had honestly never seen one of the private firm novelty pennies before (truth, never have in my hand); but as I almost went to pitch it in the 'keep it for fun' pile, I noticed something; or I should say some things.


First thing that caught my eye was (as I call it) a glob of copper (lower left of photo) which is over the pillars and bottom on the reverse. Then, taking an even closer look I see a phantom A, sideways below CA (AMERICA). Which is clearly not post-mint stamped as the Liberty Bell and Map on the obverse.


Now my attention is fully gained. I pan over and see something coming from the second memorial pillar in from the right. I cannot decide whether it is a die crack, or perhaps another letter?


Scanning back to the area of the phantom floating A, I notice a strange anomaly where the last A in AMERICA is/was. And possibly on the C as well.


Looking for opinions, insight, have you seen anything like this before, help knock me off of my 'I found a rare-modest potential value find pedestal' (lol).


Really looking for some feedback.




(It won't allow me to post any other photos on this specific post. Too big of files. I'll try to post others in follow-up).


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