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Malaysia New Series of Coins as of 2011


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Wonder how many realized Malaysia has introduced a new series of coins in 2011 ending the long circulation of the previous since 1989.

In this series, the 1 sen denomination has been excluded.


Below are the coins and it's descriptions. Do Ignore the description "2013 Edition"


At this point, I wish to highlight one unique feature of the 50 sen coin. It has a security feature minted along to its design. A latent image of the number " 50" and "Sen" inscribed, visible at an angle.











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Malaysia has been a pretty interesting case. It's rather unusual for most countries to get rid of the dollar coin due to counterfeit concerns and re-introduce the dollar note which in this case is the ringgit. There's effectively only four coins in circulation. Maybe they will re-introduce the ringgit coin a few years later.

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