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whats the best way to tell ifa 1990 no s mark penny is a proof penny?


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Please share its photographs with us. The 1990 No S Lincoln coming from an extremely popular Lincoln series is the only proof coin from 1909 till today that lacks a significant mint mark.


My impression was that proofs were made by the Philadelphia mint (hence no mint mark) through 1964. Am I having a moment of cranial flatulence here?

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“In 1985 the U.S. Mint abandoned the practice of punching mint marks into working coin dies and instead, it began punching the mint mark directly onto the working hubs. However, the 1990 No S Proof Lincoln cent was inadvertently struck by a mint state die that had been processed as a proof die. This occurred because the Mint had shipped a mint state die to the San Francisco Mint without the die containing the S mint mark. Amazingly, the 1990 No S Proof Lincoln cents deceived both the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mint employees.” Source: http://www.pcgs.com/top100/coin9.aspx

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