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possible error?

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I bought a Peruvian sol from the coin show and it wasn't until upon closer inspection I noticed something. I noticed that the "S" in sol is a little misaligned. I had a poket scale I used when I was there and I took it out of the protector and weighed it alone later and it was exactly 25 grams in weight so I am confident its a real coin. Would this be considered a minor error?

coins show 2.JPG

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Thanks. Would there be a way to determine if something is a die variety rather than an error?


A die variety has to do with the die - basically any coin struck from a die that varies in some way from the "norm".


Errors, on the other hand, are situational, are are based on some random fault, be it from striking, or a problem with the planchet (bad annealing, wrong size/type, etc.)

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