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A random giveaway

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Reckon it has been a tough year for everyone and it's not an exception to me either. Hope yours have been good. Haven't seen a giveaway for a while and thought I might as well start one. No gimmericks and it's abosolutely free to those who aren't aware of giveaways. I've got more free time recently and been cleaning out my room. Hence you can see me uploading rather interesting coins on omnicoin. There's a lot more to come... easily in hundreds. Please feel free to browse through them.


As mentioned, this is a random giveaway so feel free to enter your post in. All you have to do is to just reply and I'll randomly pick a winner within the next 24 hours. No need for any fanciful replies / essay writing although something more interesting instead of "I'm in" would be nice. :)


So why am I doing this? I think it's a sign for me to chill out and have a good break as I have been working too hard. At the same time, it's also a way of saying thanks to our forum members here. I've been through poor student life and kind members here have sent me coins during difficult times. It's time for me to share what I have experienced.


Lot will most likely be a mixture of random world coins as well as Australian coins. Can't really send a lot due to weight constraint and please don't expect a fortune in it.



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