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2 kopecks MM 1763 - multiple overstrike


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Had another look at this 2 kopecks from my collection and found something interesting. It is a multiple overstrike! The only coin that is missing is 5 cross kopecks in the series of overstrike history... :) There is one element on it that I can not place my finger on. It's just over numbers 63 and looks like part of a large Russian letter "И", which I know it isn't, but it is still an element to id. Not a bad overstrike, isn't it?


post-27191-0-84331700-1376886044_thumb.p post-27191-0-83545900-1376886015_thumb.p





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I can see the denomination banner for the Elizabeth 2K on image 1, upper right.


I can see the word "chetirey" (sorry no russian keys on my netbook) on image 2, diagonally from 9 oclock to 12 oclock, so perhaps the fragment you are seeing is where the "2" for the date is, or just below, maybe a piece of flag?


I dont see any baroque elements, or 5K elements, but that doesnt mean they arent under there somewhere.


nice coin.

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The Baroque is there. Most easily seen on the reverse. Above/Left of the horse tail is the edge of the lower-right baroque cloud. I overlaid with a baroque image in photostudio and the alignment is perfect.


Basically take the Baroque obverse, rotate clockwise 135 degrees and overlay on the ex reverse.

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You guys are all right in turns. ;)


Obverse doesn't show any signs of the first 2 coins, only "four kopecks", I kept the first 2 images just to pair them up.


The Reverse has signs of all 3 overstruck coins.


Baroque can be seen above and to the left of the tail and under the banner "two kopecks" you can also see the edge parts of the cloud and the wing from the Baroque coin.


The part that I couldn't place my finger on is actually "2" and "flag". It all added up... Thank you! :)




I'm not home to check the edge at the moment, but I guess if the edge is a "net" tyoe as on 5 cross kopecks, it would be the the sign that it was originally the cross 5 kopecks as they didn't change the edge when they overstruck them to 1 kopecks. Hope it is, but even if it isn't, and it is an original Baroque coin, this multiple overstrike is still pretty cool. It's like 4 coins in one, while the resulting coin has all elements presented really well and it is a full 2 kopecks 1763 in it's own right, with slightly larger diameter. I love it. :) Thank you for your help!

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These are what I overlaid:





The cloud edge alignment (up/left of the horse's tail) looks spot on after a little extra nudging and micro-rotation of layers in the combined image.


It may be possible there is some other alignment - perhaps from the other side - that would look OK too, but this looks pretty convincing and for a start shows the almost certain presence of the underlying baroque kopeck.

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Final version:





Found the signs of the cross 5 kopecks (in green):




So after all, it is 5 coins in one, to the total value over the years of 14 kopecks! Neat little coin... :)

It may be just а little short of the 5 kopeck details, but it's after 4 overstrikes! The edge inspection will put the final dot in this I guess.

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Thank you Eugene, that's what I like about it as well. I got is some 5 years ago, I think, when I was looking for a 2 kopecks in a reasonable condition. This one did catch the eye because of the details and unusually large size, so I bought it just for the coin, not because it was an overstrike, I didn't notice the overstrikes then. :)

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That's a wonderful coin to have in your collection. Very interesting. I truly admire the analysis work that you have done here. Very detailed and dedicated. :bthumbsup:

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