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My new coins


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I got this 2 coins in the past month.The 1/4 ruble at the eagle tail it has a spot where it looks like its "delaminating".Do you guys know why and if this will afect its value?With the second coin its a case of"incredible lucky or not so". But it has all the things thats point that is a good one: 10,47g,size and edge match the catalog and what i was able to find on line.What do you think?

Thank you!

3dengi 024.jpg

3dengi 027.jpg

3dengi 028.jpg

3dengi 030.jpg

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I did more resarch and according to the sadagura.yolasite.com , all the details point to TYPE 3B.1.

My coin has a weight issue:about 2 g lighter than the one posted there.So i don t know if they were minting them with all this big differeces or else. The patina on the coin its gorgeous. I m really confuse now.

Help please :sorry:

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