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Hungary 1pengo 1941 w/ sickle & hammer countermark


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Hello all, this is my first message here, thank you for having me :)
I came across this very interesting coin (in my opinion) that I couldn't find much about online.
It is a KM251 1pengo 1941 BP, Al but it has this interesting sickle & hammer countermark on the rev.
I would like to ask you for more information about these countermarks, if possible. Why were they made? By whom? Are these rare? etc.
Thank you very much :)
All best regards.

communist pengo.JPG

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. That's a very interesting coin. The counterstamp really makes me wonder. Hopefully someone will be along with a good explanation for us.

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The symbol is a communist one so my lucky guess is that the coin was punched with it in early 1945 when Soviet Army entered Hungary to chase Germans and their fascist allies out of it.


However I don't see that Krause catalogue is listing this, so you would like to come across a Hungarian numismatist to answer your question.

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I had one collector who emailed me saying that it was made on 1 & 2 pengo coins 1941-1944 by commie partisans who roamed an area in today's S-E Slovakia to keep track of the coins that circulated on their territory, kind of like ancient gallic, germanic or thracian tribes used to do w/ roman currency that came to be used there.
Unfortunately he couldn't give any real reference for his story so I am still not convinced.

That's pretty much why I am still asking around :)

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