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Anything good here

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Hey everyone, I picked these up the same time I got my Kettle medal, I was wondering if there was anything good in here, as you can tell tokens are not my expertise. Basically I just grabbed what looked old from the lot, I did score a civil war token which I knew what that was. Thanks for any help you can offer.










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From a token collectors view point they are all good. :yes:

First left CSB5 looks to be a tool crib check,from a shop or factory. The good for one was a popular customer incentive used by clothing and furniture stores etc. pre 1960's.

If the star five is the same or blank on the reverse it probably a game counter, if it has one of the Osborn register company and the rest are company store scrip coins from the coal mines etc. as in the last one

No expert on the scrips but then tend to be under 10 bucks each,unless it is a dollar amount one then slightly more. Appear in average shape, They tend to ask for a lot more on flea bay and generally don't get it unless the person has a connection to the company or area of the store used.

Modern tokens, 1900 and newer tend to be one of those where what you can get is what the party wants to pay for them.

All in all a nice score.

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