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I believe I have a 1877 Indian head cent however the last digit is nearly impossible to make out, I can see the 187 but the last digit is worn pretty good. However if I look under the right light and direction I believe I see the very faint outline of a 7, I tried everything to verify it but it is so hard and I have great eyes. I was wondering if there is any way to raise the date on a copper coin or any little tips which I can verify what this is. I'm not worried about damaging the coin as it is pretty much toast already, if graded it would probably just come back authentic.

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CAUTION: A toast 1877 IHC is worth quite a bit of money. Someone with a microscope can probably determine the last digit. I wouldn't try any type of resurrect the date thing on this.

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With the 1877 Indian Head cent, the most important diagnostic feature appears on the reverse. On a genuine coin, the bottom right of the N in ONE and the top left of the N in CENT should be much weaker than the rest of the denomination.


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