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Books list for tokens,medals and other exonumia

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I thought that it might be time for a list of Books on tokens, medals and other exonumia.
Here are the ones I have picked up so far along with a 3 ring binder of the newsletter jackpot (13 volumes) from the Amusement token collectors association. Great for the lists and descriptions of tokens every issue.
Video arcade,pinball,slot machine, and other amusement tokens of North America, first edition 1984 S P Alpert and K E Smith

Some are out of print and available on the secondary used book market. I will caution members here to don't jump on the first one you see. As some of the sellers on flea bay, amazon and the used books want really silly prices.
I have posted these sites before you can find them if you look and don't fall for the BS by the sellers.
The US token 1700- 1900 book I have seen asked almost $300.00 USD I paid under $30.00 plus shipping same with the other books
http://www.addall.com/ book search engine numerous world wide sites
http://used.addall.com/ book search engine numerous world wide sites
http://www.alibris.com/ an assortment of booksellers


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Could not agree more about your advice re pricing & shopping around.



You can download it for $48, which might suit some collectors better than lugging the book about, or for $2 dollars more you can get it plus the addendum http://www.krausebooks.com/standard-catalog-us-tokens-4th-addendum-download-duo


"Standard Catalog of United States Tokens, 4th Ed. Author Russ Rulau covers United States tokens of 1700 – 1900 including Hard Times, U.S. Merchant, Patriotic Civil War, United States Trade, Civil War Store Cards, Civil War Cardboard Scrip, and Tokens of the Gay Nineties to name a few. With each listing you get:

  • Rarity ranking
  • Date issued
  • Metal composition
  • Size
  • Pricing in four grades of condition
  • Historic details of the token or the images on the token
  • Add this resource to your library of downloadable references and you'll be better for it."
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Here are some more Token books I just got today and one related one :LOL1:
The start of the big version.

this looks to be a real good one, I have included the contents page of the combined article that are in it. Higley Coppers,CWT,HTT,Large cents and counterstamps, etc.
It will be the first one I read.
This is a recent one and I have seen it at some coin supply sites on the web.

I will update that the Instant Expert: Collecting Lucky coins, tokens and medals Deals with "LUCKY" exonumia of all kinds only. Descriptive copy was a little more broad in its scope.



of course what the arcade tokens went in to

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