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Charles IX of France 1568, Spectacular Die-Crack.

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Renaissance France. a 1780 restrike from original dies bronze Medal, originally issued in 1568, attributed to Guillaume Martin (active from before 1558-?1590) of Charles IX of France (1550-1560-1574).

Obverse : Laureate and cuirassed bust right, 'CAROLVS IX D G FRAN REX,
Reverse : Fame blowing trumpet, 'SVA CIRCVIT ORBE FAMA'. reverse attributed to G Martin.
35mm bronze
(BMC [Jones] Vol I, 88). Tresor.18.3, Med.fran.(1892).31

Mine is stretched to 37mm, with obverse edge convexed & reverse edge concaved and doubling(if not trebling) of the edge decorations, planchet uneven, not in collar, overheated planchet? obviously done to eke a few more medals from the badly cracked die. The die-crack & the stretched uneven planchet make it rather special to me, else I would not have bought it.



Compare with this one from the Michael Hall Collection, it has the same die crack, it is the right diameter 35 and has no stretched edge, or doubling.



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That's a wonderful find. The die crack and stretched planchet really do make it special. Wonderful color and relief too. :bthumbsup:

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