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my monthly shopping almost done


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Thought I'd give an update as to where my coin collecting. One thing I always try to do is spend about $20 primarily on silver but sometimes non-silver coins catch my fancy. I invest roughly half in American and half in foreign coinage. Not a big spender but that is not required to have some fun. Got two small 18th century silver coins in beat up (but still surviving) conditiion, two small German state silver coins, a Greek 20 lepta done by Barre (is this the same Barre who was the French engraver and the designer of the long running Venezuelan Bolivar coinage or his brother?) and a set of four Bolivian 5 centavos that were copper-nickel btu I thought they were unusual because they had holes hand punched into the center of the coins that were original to the coins.


1764 Austria 7 Kreuzer

1797 Spain 1/2 real

1848 Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1/48 Thaler

1855 Hamburg 1 Sechling

1874 Greece 20 Lepta

1883 Bolivia 5 Centavos


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