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Australia - I noticed we have not yet had a post

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Let's see if I can stir someone to post their Australian treasures, will start with recent addition of the 1916-M shilling/ Melbourne mint, common but pleasant extra fine specimen, finer of all Australian coins I have - they are so expensive nowadays.



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Nice coin Sandy and a good kickoff to getting some Australian pieces posted. :bthumbsup:

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Nice additions rs... I don't have photos that I can find right now of any of my Australian coins. I'll look harder.

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Alas! I don't really collect Australian coins any more!

Mainly into ancients and World coins up to about 1950 these days, plus about 200 British and U.S. coins.


Way back in 1976 when I needed to raise money for a deposit our first house,

I sold a complete Australian gold type set (17 coins in all) which included an Adelaide Pound in VF.

Also had a type set of bronze and silver coins, where each type was represented by the rarest date for it's type, (except 1930 penny, which was represented by a 1925), condition VF to Unc.

Expense excludes my from re building such sets these days.

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