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Help tracking some info down on a token

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I have a question, that is coming up with little or no response in the token community. Here is the photo:
It was minted by Hoffman and Hoffman
The questions I have are as follows.
Does anybody know of a location that used this token, or is using this token currently?

What was the name of the business that used it?

Was it a stand alone arcade?

Were the machines in other venues?

What locations as in what part or section of the country are/were they located in?

Or anything else you can add?

I figure with the widely located membership base of the forums I might be able to piece some info together.

The reason for my inquiry, is some of the silly description and the touting that they are vintage and rare. Because somebody with a metal detector found one, and is now selling it on flea bay with the "Rare, vintage tags in the description, considering that I just must have corned the market on them with my bulk buy :D I figure I might be able to get on the gravy train ;):D
Any info will be passed on to the token collectors group for adding into the data base. As of right now the only info is an attribute to Des Moines Iowa!


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Well the lead to a company with the same name located in downtown Des Moines Iowa is a bust. As the phone is disconnected. I have pieced together a short time line they were minted pre 1999, since that is the year the mint changed their mint marks and was absorbed by a larger company.

I would have thought that some member in the Des Moines area might have had some knowledge about them.

Well we now know they are neither vintage unless 14 to 20 years is vintage, and since there are so many that are uncirculated they aren't "RARE".

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