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Another junk box find

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Well somebody else pointed out that to the left of the word Fennell is a dot and part of an I.



Is an enlarged photo of the area to the left of the word Fennel there is a dot and to the left of the dot is what looks like the top right part of a Capital I
I copper wired brushed the token and holding the token just a little below eye level with a 10x loupe you can barely make out the body of the Letter I.
I guess I have to increase the font size I use in the photo's It 6.4g's weight,26.90mm dia. 1,5mm thickness. I have a number of token books but not Burks, I guess it's time to bite the token and buy a copy.


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It may have started life as a coin and been worn and then rubbed down to blank. Wonder if you can find any possible matches in Michigan where it may have been made?

I have Cunninghams, Michigan Trade Tokens, book I haven't found it in there. But there is a mention of I.Fennell in burks.(F-124)

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