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Found a Sterling version of the local medal

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Well,It seems that the gods of finding neat tokens and medals have smiled upon me once more!
I was at a near by LCS yesterday, I haven't been there in a couple of weeks as I went to some other ones and they smiled upon me numerous times. For some reason while I was in the city it was in taking care of my mothers grass, I just had to stop by even though I was planning on doing it tomorrow.
Here's what was waiting for me along with some other items that I have to photo and process.
Sterling silver version of the pewter and copper ones I got and posted a couple weeks ago.
Reverse/sterling hallmark
So now I'm wondering if there is a bronze and a plastic ones.
Another great day token hunting.


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Sort of interesting they way things turn some times. A couple of weeks ago I didn't know that this medallion even existed. Then to find the set. And a couple weeks later to find the sterling version. I guess I'm lucky that there aren't to many low end token collectors in the area. As a couple of the dealers, always try to steer me to the over priced CWT. And I go through their "JUNK" token boxes. :clown2:

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