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Right me and my grandma where going through her old stuff we found lots of coins, we found one coin in particular but we don't know what it is and we wouldn't know what to type in to find out about it. So ill try describe it to the best of my ability it's made from gold with some sort of writing on it which to me looks Indian my grandma thinks it's Indian or Greek gold, it's really thin with an overlapping boarder, it would most probably be easier if I sent you a picture over by email incase I've missed something important

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A picture would definitely be of a great help. From what you described, I’m just guessing in the dark that the coin is not an Indian coin as they have some inscriptions in English too. And gathering from the second clue that the coins are thin, probably it’s a gold token. You can just randomly look for gold coin collections, and who knows you find out what coin you have. Alternatively, you might find your coin in the American Numismatic Society's MANTIS collection. You’ll need to select from the coin type – Greek, Medieval, South Asian and so on, and check out each section. It’s tedious but worth the effort. Try out your luck :)

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