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A good day at the junk box of a near by LCS

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I was picking thru a double handful of what a local coin store call junk. I picked up some great stuff after running them thru my heated ultrasonic cleaner.

Two of the three in this photo.


The plastic one was thrown in to the bulk buy a couple weeks ago by a store worker.

Today about 40 miles away I bought another bulk buy and the aluminum, and the bronze one were in the mix.

Since wifey is still visiting her outlaws in FLA. I decided to take a short road trip before lunch to one of the remaining LCS in the Metro Det, well actually Grosse Pointe Mi. I live about15 miles away.
Asked if they had any tokens, the guy went into the back room and came out with a handful of assorted tokens. medals and one elongated Penny. Most had a layer of curd on them. I forget my loupe so I couldn't make out what was on it. I took a chance, since I probably wouldn't have it anyways.
Well I get home and fill the ultrasonic cleaner with Mr. clean grease and curd cutter turn on the heater and then put in the tokens. set it for 460 seconds (7.6666666) minutes on a side then repeat.
Hit the jackpot the elongated penney is a a rolled at the Pan Am Expo 1901 one of two varieties. US tokens& medals by Jaeger shows the buffalo one.
Then after rinse and dry
A 1925 Sesquicentennial Lexington KY. looks to be close to uncir.
1976 centennial for Windsor Ontario, Canada had a value of one dollar till 12,31,1976



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And it continues to get better, This next one is a great looking medal It looked like a bad chrome plating job. But It turns out it is "Coin is layered in pure .999 Silver and 24 kt gold. It is marked on the two sides as follows: Front: RONALD W. REAGAN 40th AMERICAN PRESIDENT 1984 AA Reverse: DOUBLE EAGLE PRESIDENTIAL COMMEMORATIVE AA "



It was struck and sold by National Historic Mint,Westbury NY, 11595

Came with a numbered certificate of authenticity of course mine didn't have it and there seems to be a wealth of them offered on flea bay. Along with a number of different versions.


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Ok here are a couple more form the junk box buy!
Obverse, both tokens are the same other than in color.
Reverse, they are aluminum with the anodized color. So far I have found that some other tokens were minted out of .925 silver and assorted bronzes by the coin of the month club out of Sioux Falls S.D. the web site is under construction. If anybody knows of the club or a working site, I would appreciate any info.
Obverse, Wizard of OZ cartoonish Dorthy,scarecrow,lion,and tinman with the words Heart, Brain, courage equal spaced around the edge.
Reverse is smooth with a slight rim
Obverse, Family affair and Carnival club, with parents and two kids,
Reverse, is Ye olde Coffee House near the edge with a cartoonish waiter and table etc in the center, aluminum anodized purple. Appears to be some Mardi gras coin.
Obverse, Zodiac token with dates, signs, and drawing plated plastic
Reverse, has This is my lucky day
Any help with any of them would be appreciated


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Reverse, has This is my lucky day

Any help with any of them would be appreciated




You might find the enlarged images (especially the obverse) of the coin shown at http://www.moderncoinmart.com/1983-p-washington-25c-mint-error-overstruck-on-a-struck-amusement-token-ngc-ms65-mint-state-65.html of interest.



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token collecting can be really interesting. You've found a terrific source and some very nice material.

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