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Unknown roman coin


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Hi all,



I got this coin that I got several years ago when I won a lot at ebay. It was added to the lot, in a flip, with a note saying:


Authentic Ancient




circa 100 - 400 AD.






Diameter : 18 - 18.5 mm

Thickness : 1.5 mm

Weight : unknown,


I wouldn't mind knowing more of it. Can anyone here determine what it is and how old?

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I'd say Constans, definitely the family of Constantine mid 4th century. I would not use choice to describe the condition :)

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This was the Roman Empire's equivalent of the Lincoln cent - by far one of the largest minted bronze coins types.


They were struck from around 350 AD to about 361 AD (give or take on each end - I don't remember exactly)


The reverse has a legend "FEL TEMP REPARATIO" which can be translated in several ways, I usually go with "Happy times are here again" (I suppose "Happy time reparation" would be a more literal translation)


That reverse legend came with a number of different reverse, of which the most common by far is the one you have, depicting a soldier spearing a fallen enemy horseman.


The mintmark is in the exergue. Yours is a bit fuzzy, but appears to be either ASIRM or BSIRM, which would be the first and second workshops of the Sirmium Mint, in what is now Serbia.


As jlueke notes, these were issued by members of Constantine's family - namely his sons Constantius II and Constans, as well as relatives Constantius Gallus, Julian II and ally (?) Magnentius, with those of Constantius being the most frequently seen (at least for me).


Your has a legend of CONSTANTIVS / IVN / NOB / C

~=Constantius Junior/Youth Noble Caesar (again, I'm not really a Latin translator)


I should note that at this time of the Roman Empire, the ruler went by Augustus while Caesar was generally the title of a prince, especially the heir appearent (and junior ruler).


Your piece is of Constantius Gallus, a half-first-cousin of Constantius II and Constans.

Constantius Gallus served as the Caesar of the Eastern Roman Empire under Augustus Constantius II between 351 and 354, when he was executed. (the late Roman Empire was full of a lot of purges, and no shortage of regicide)

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Wow, what more is there to know...... Thanks a lot jlueke and ccg!!!!!



I've taken a closer look and it looks like that mine is "BSIRM". I'll try to make a better picture tomorrow, from a different angle.



Thanks again, guys!!! :art:

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