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I was just looking thru omnicoin and saw a feature where it displays coins people are offering for sale. Being

I am fairly freshly back into collecting and really do not know the people I guess I need a little advice.

One person whose coins I was looking at had some very nice coins which had great pics. This person has

about $250 worth I would like to purchase. When I have bought thru forums in the past I have been on the

forum for years and felt I knew and could trust as reputation is everything probably more in coin sales then

in most things.

I need to know is there a protocol ? You sure don't send out that kind of money after just an e-mail.

Or do you? I would really like opinions.

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If the person is on omnicoin there's a good chance they're also on CoinPeople. You might want to check their id here and see the number and type of posts they have made. Also check the for sale threads, especially the feedback. If that doesn't give you the correct feeling of comfort then try a smaller purchase to see how everything goes. Speed, quality, etc.


Best of luck with your dealing and I'm glad you've come to collecting. Hope you stay around CoinPeople, get to make some friends and enjoy it here.

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