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Hey there everyone


This is something I did a while back to help me gauge coin sizes in terms of diameter, thickness, and weight. What I did was take the standard sizes of US small cents, dimes, nickels, quarters, half dollars, and large dollars. Here's what I got:


Small Cent


Diameter: 19.05 mm

Thickness: 1.55 mm

Weight: 3.11 g




Diameter: 17.91 mm

Thickness: 1.35 mm

Weight: 2.5 g




Diameter: 21.21 mm

Thickness: 1.95 mm

Weight: 5 g




Diameter: 24.26 mm

Thickness: 1.75 mm

Weight: 6 g


Half Dollars


Diameter: 30.61 mm

Thickness: 2.15 mm

Weight: 11.5 g


Large Dollars


Diameter: 38.1 mm

Thickness: 3.1 mm

Weight: 26.73 g

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That's what I was thinking... its easy to determine or guestimate a coin size when you are getting it from a store but it is a little difficult to fully grasp the size if you are buying it off the internet and are trying to look it up online. For instance I know my Guernsey 4 Doubles I just bought is a little larger than a standard US quarter.

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Oh Wow!!! Thanks for the details. Now that fakes are on the rise, this information should be of great help.

A little warning here: the small cent is listed here with a weight of 3.11 g. But, there are cents with different compositions, which do not all weigh the same, a cent can also weigh 2.5 g (copper plated zinc), 2.7 g (zinc coated steel), 4.67 g (copper-nickel)

Same goes for the other denomnations: an other composition may mean an other weight.

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Sorry I should've added that clarification... yes you are correct. The small cent I am using is the pre-1982 95% copper cent; the dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars are all pre-1964 90% silver weights; and the nickel is the non-silver 20th century variety, which I believe is the same weight. In other words, the weight reference is more in line with the kind of coins we are collecting rather than handling on a daily basis.

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