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HALLO to everybody !


my name is Giuseppe, i am Italian but live abroad, in the old Russia. I am new of coinpeople and i like this forum :read:


I am a collector of coins from all the world, but mainly love Russian empire, Italy's Reign (kings) and others european.


I want to share with the pictures of what i bought recently, i love Russians coins :rockon:


I bought for my collection this awesom ( i hope) russian 1913 ruble, commemorative of the Romanoff dinasty :)


Comments and assessments are welcome !


ciao !




rublo 6.jpg

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Thank you to everybody ))


yes I have falled in love for this ruble since I have seen it.. !

By the way, this forum has enough space for the russian coins and i am happy of it

The Romanov Tercentenary rouble is also the only Russian coin you can get with a portrait of Michael Romanov.

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And it's the only coin where Nicholas II is facing this way. The only reasonable picture of Michael that they could use was facing this way, there were no pictures facing left right they could use.


Here is my last coin 3 kops with with ornamented monogram



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Lettering shape and most of all the line. On the presented rouble it is not only off center, it also jumps all over the place. The more I look at the rouble, the more suspicious it looks now, I agree. There is no silver shine on a metal surface, it looks too dull.

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