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Hobo Nickels


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I have a few of these in my collection so I thought I'd share them in a new thread. Why not post some pics if you have similar coins.




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There's a rich history to the Hobo Nickel. When I have a few minutes I'll dig some of it out and post it here. The nickels in my collection are all rather new creations vs. depression era coins that helped create the name "Hobo Nickel" ,

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Another from my collection. Both were created by Mike Pezak. He's fairly well known in Hobo Nickel and Recarved Coin circles.


DSCN1261 by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr
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I do not. I'm not a big Hobo Nickel collector. I have a few of varying qualities. The two here are first rate and have been done by someone who is quite accomplished at this type of carving. I also have some that are fairly crude, also modern. I had one original 1930 time-frame but it was "lost" a number of years ago.


There are people who collect only the modern, some only the old/originals, some by subject matter. I had met a lady a number of years ago who had a huge collection - she had almost all of the modern artists represented and most of the original groups as well. A very neat collection and very very pricey.

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When you get a chance, could you post one of the more modern crude oones so I can see what it looks like?


I'll see if I have a pic of one. I'm thinking I may have to dig them out and photograph them.

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I had a copy of a terrific Hobo Nickels article from the Numismatist but I am unable to find it right now. So here are a few sources of info






Hobo Nickel Society



PCGS Article



That should keep everyone happy for a bit. There's a bunch of other sites and images so have fun.

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