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1728, 29? 1 kopek


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i suggest 28 ...

despite the fact that it is not really understandable, the digits have been spoiled and squashed ..


the con is not bad, but believe me , you can find also better. May i ask you, only for my curiosity, wom much you paid for this kopeck ?


good luck !



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:) It looks almost like one of ancient roman coins as they find them in vessels, "preserved" in oil. Very thick patina, and you don't know what is underneath. I can see someone made patina cuts, to see what's under, is there metal visible? If the weight of the coin is good and even a little over, I would risk cleaning it. If not, most probably there is no more coin left under the patina, and in that case cleaning is not advisable. In the first instance, you may be up for a very nice surprise. These coins not thousand years old, after all, but even underneath "patina" of the roman coins, you can sometime find something interesting, or just ruin it, it's true, it's true...

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actelios - can't remember what I paid but I know I pay silly money for these. I can't have enough of these!


extent4cell - general rule of thumb is one shouldn't clean coins unless it's absoulutely necessary, i.e. PVC damage. I'll like to preserve coins where possible and this has been treated with acetone.


Here's a couple more pics of the coin






Some more of the same type:






Not complaining about this coin as I paid a mere dollar for it.


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ok ok, :)) i cannot be counted, i am living in the old russia, thus for me is easier to find well preserved coins at a reasonable price.

By the way, i am married with an ukrainian woman and i have inherited a nice collection of russian coins from her father :)))

But i guess all will remain here since i will live here :) no way back

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