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15th century IHS Jeton

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Obv. 'IHS' in gothic script, with stroke of 'H' crossed; simple ornaments in field, around AVE IIIARI STELLA DEI IIIATE:
Rev. Narrow armed double stranded arcuate cross fleuretty with flower in each angle, dot in center, around AVE IIIARI STELLA DEI IIIAT:
The III = M & the S does double duty for Maris Stella
Circa 1461-1497, 27 mm.


IHS for Jesus was popularized by St. Bernadine of Sienna in the 15th century as a symbol of peace.
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I got one like this :D, i thought it was accosiated with the church

Hi Scott the obverse is in Rouyers, used with different reverses up to #1439 but the reverse on yours is too hard to identify. Though commonly identified as jetons could equally be called mereaux(mereau, singular) as it is believed that some(if not all) were used, or at least intended, for that purpose.



The truncated and garbled Latin is for

IHS Salvator saecula saeculorum = Jesus our Saviour for ever and ever

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