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Republica peruana Una Libra


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Hi, I'm new and am not a coin collector. I was out a a flea market here in Florida and got a small box lot of jewelry. There was what I thought was a medal but ir says Republica Peruana Lima, Una Libra and other stuff on the back. I did some reseach and this coin was made from 1898 to 1969 in gold for the whole time. This however looks like tarnished silver and is enamelled. Weird. Looks exactly like the coin and has ridges on the edge. Any ideas??

I haven't tried to clean it, but it doesn't look gold to me unless it's hiding under tarnish.


libra 002.JPG

libra 003.JPG

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this could be a jewelry piece it's holed

may not be gold

It is struck just like a coin with enamel embellishment. Maybe I should just cut into it and find out for sure. The hole is not original to the piece, it damaged the enamel. The coin is dated 1910. It looks more like coin jewelry., ie., real coins that were cut or modified in some way to create a jewelry piece. There is also jewelry that is made of fake coins. This looks like a real coin that was enamelled for some reason. Just don't want to get rid of it as junk jewelry if it could be gold.

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