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Lady Luck 1780's

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Obverse: Standing helmeted and togate figure of Fortuna, holding cornucopia and scales.
Legend: OMNIA CUM PONDERE NUMERO & MENSURA(All things by weight, number and measure)
Exergue: I.W.S.
Reverse: Fortuna seated on wheel, holding sail. Dies to right, Playing Cards to left.
Legend: FORTUNA VARIABILIS(Fortune is Variable)
Mint Place: Clausthal
Mint Periond: 1753-1788
Region: Harz (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)
Mint Master: Johann Wilhelm Schlemm (I.W.S.)
Denomination: Rechenpfennig (early Reckoning coin) Copper 28mm.


I. W. S. Vide JOHANN WILHELM SCHLEMM. Mint-warden, 1745 ;
Mint-master, 1753 ; Mint-director, 1780-1788 of the Clausthal Mint.
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