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Russia Y# 90.2


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A long time ago I collected russian and Soviet coins. I wanted to take a look at them before I will sell some of the coins. All of my russian/soviet coins I bought in the soviet-time in the 1980-ties in mainly Moscow.

I discovered to my big suprice that I have Y# 90.2 with these letters on the edge: чистого серебра 18 грамм (4 з. 21 д.) П.Л

I will try to take some picture of the edge for members to see here. The coin is unvalued in Krause, but listed as RARE. Do anybody know what the marked price for this coin ?



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Thank you. I don't know for shure what grade this is. From the pictures you see here, can you help me by telling me about what grade this is?

I will now post 3 pictures of the edge.

To me, it looks like good VF/XF details, but with multiple rim knocks. Overall, I'd say VF.

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habanos, your ruble is NOT rare type but regular one, the one which is rare has different legend but identical to rubles of 1922; also, welcome to coinpeople !!

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