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Need help identifying Arabic gold? coin


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I have recently bought a lot of foreign coins, and among those coins there is an arabic one that i am trying to identify.


I haven't bothered about it before, because it is so thin I haven't even thought it was a coin. But, successfully indentifying two other arabic coins made me think it could be a coin after all. The design is remarkably close to other coins, and it has a year. As far as I can see the year on this thing is AH 1223 and adding 621 to make AD gives 1844.


Googling arabic gold coins have also given me pictures of coins that are near identical to my "coin".


The coin is 18 mm in diameter and 0.44 mm thick. Haven't got scales to weigh it.


Help is much appreciated!



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Doh, think i've solved it myself.


Found the the exact same coin (although 20mm in diameter) on another forum and it is probably a imitation of an ottoman gold coin - used in jewelry. That could account for the lack of weight I felt when I held it...


That would explain the hole as well.




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