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Hi all, need help with the puzzle of this coin - 1662

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assisting a friend with a few items. This coin is strange because there is no recorded production date for 1662. By pure elimination on the facts out there this is a fake that's been produced. Can anyone shed some light on the matter.


Administrator, I have posted in another forum which was my mistake and I apologise. I should learn to read carefully






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This site shows one courtesy of Spinks http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/pics/5s.html

One sold http://www.vancouvercoins.ca/coins/1662-crown-vf20-obv1-rev1.html


This one from Castle Coins http://www.castlecoins.com/html/english_crowns.html
: 1662 Charles II Silver Crown, Spink / ESC UNLISTED - EDGE LETTERING CAN BE SEEN BOTH RIGHT WAY UP AND UPSIDE DOWN, First Bust, rose below. Ten strings to harp. Edge reads - . DECVS . ET . TVTAMEN . * - CC

Ref # EMCR-167,


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