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Got a wheres George?


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For those that have never seen one.


I have removed the photo with the serial number, as I was informed some people will go to the site, and enter false information on the location. Just because they can!

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With the pop up blockers and others script stoppers it wasn't a problem. I did a google first when going to those kind of sites first to check things out. Being a mod on a couple of other sites. Looking for spammers and such it does generally prevent getting to deep in do-doo! :yuk:


They do have em as it is advertising generating to pay for the site etc.

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If you're on Firefox, I recommend the Ghostery, DoNotTrackMe, AdBlocker Plus and NoScript addons. I so very rarely see ads on my home machine anymore, I'm genuinely surprised when they pop up on my work machine. So I don't worry about what wheresgeorge.com is up to.


I haven't had a lot of luck getting wheresgeorge hits, but I don't obsessively enter every bill that passes through my hands either.

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