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Internet Based Catalogue of Russian Fake Coins Project (forgeries, counterfeits, fakes, imitation, fantasy, replica, copy, false money)

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This collaborative project is already running and can be used: http://www.rnumis.co...gtyp_rf_gallery


The aim of this searchable internet based quick image reference tool is to alert collectors to possible forgeries / fakes of Russian coins by showing them possible examples. This is a somewhat minimalistic tool, that does not aim at providing an in-depth analysis of why a fake is considered to be a fake, and aims at saving time of people who inputs the entries while providing interesting and useful info to users.


Once the "coin" is established to be a fake by a project member, its 2 images inserted into internet based searchable database for all to see, with its year, denomination and optional description. The coin gets written into the database and immediately viewable by anyone in the world.


This topic is aimed at providing discussion space to project members in order to facilitate this project and discuss issues with using, inputting and identifying possible "coins" for entry.


The project is reasonably user-friendly and if you are available to contribute to it by entering the images you collected over the time your help will be much appreciated, you just need to ask STEVE MOULDING by sending him a PM reqesting a login and a password.


The design of this tool is not for discussion. This has been discussed in depth here: http://www.coinpeopl...on-omnicoincom/


Special thanks go to Steve Moulding for designing, maintaining,helping to build up the body and for hosting this image database-catalogue-tool on www.rnumis.com. Also to everyone who contributed their images or entered them directly into the database (Candidate, gxseries and others).


Please refrain from discussing your ideas and wishes that may only be remotely related to this project, and leave this space for project members. This tool is what it is. You are welcome to use this tool and let everyone know about it.


Thank you!

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Related topic: Rnumis fakes database - status thread (http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?/topic/33906-rnumis-fakes-database-status-thread/ )


Copy from status thread. Steve:


Candidate's Archive of Fake Images


snapback.pngCandidate, on 08 May 2013 - 08:15 PM, said:


I have collected a not so small archive of fake Russian coins pictures, total of maybe 100MB or more. Unfortunately, I have no time to sort, describe and, especially,upload those pictures to above described web-site one by one. If someone will be willing to do this job, I can share my archive - just please let me know.


snapback.pngCandidate, on 11 May 2013 - 06:21 PM, said:


Here's some - in 65 MB ".rar" archive.


I have successfully downloaded and opened the archive Candidate kindly supplied, and so has extant4cell. It has 20 folders.

The status of uploads to rnumis will be shown in this thread to help reduce duplication.


What I've done so far:


DIR 10 ("5-1850 платина") - Done

DIR 12 ("50-1898") - Done

DIR 19 ("Фальшаки") - Done

DIR 20 ("ФУФЕЛА") - Done

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We opened the topics for the same thing at the same time and I think we can just do with one topic. That is the one that Steve has opened for "rnumis fakes database - status thread" http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?/topic/33906-rnumis-fakes-database-status-thread/

I'll be posting updates there from now on, as Steve does. Thank you all!

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Internet Based Catalog of Russian Fake Coins has a new home: http://numistika.com/counterfeit.html (site is still developing and new images are added). The old collection at http://www.rnumis.com/rnumis_research_0.php is still available.

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