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Following up the Guatemalan reference (although there's some debate as to whether Central America would be considered part of North America) there are tiny 1/4 silver reals that you can actually get for relatively cheap that are tiny tiny (smaller than a half dime). They're rather impressive too in the detail of the volcanos with the clouds and sun crammed into a coin barely over a half a gram in size.

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I normally go by coin weights instead of surface size but the half dimes they weighed 1.24 grams while the 1/4 reals weighed in at .77 grams. This is very similar in weight to the silver 3 cent pieces but I believe in terms of surface size (owning a half dime and 1/4 real) the 1/4 reals are roughly half the size of a half dime.

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This has the advantage that in general, half dimes are MUCH cheaper than corresponding half dollars, and similar things are no doubt true for other countries. Of course with gold the price effect can be expected solely based on the bullion value, but for silver the numismatic value overwhelms the bullion value.


If collecting trimes, note that there are three sub-types and that the second one is significantly more difficult than either the first or last. I still don't have one in fact.



Type 1: MUCH larger picture



Type 3: MUCH larger picture

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