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1 Kopeck 1728-1729


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(example only)


Came across this article on the above mentioned coin. Just thought that people may be interested to read it as it lists different types with examples: http://translate.goo...id%3D11&act=url (this is Google translate version), the original version in Russian is here: http://www.numismat....cle.shtml?id=11


Here is an extract. Coinpeople wont let me show you all verities, since there are too many coins' images:


From the collection of "Coins and Medals"


Cents (Kopecks) 1728-1729 gg.


During the short reign of Emperor Peter II (1727-1729) minted a beautiful copper coin worth one penny (kopeck). Regular coinage, this coin was released on Kadashevskiy Mint in 1728 and 1729. 40 rubles on foot pounds of copper. A total of 49,654,400 pieces minted....


The main types of 1728


I. Check downwards.

II. Error in writing the denomination "KOPENKA."

III. Large print.

IV. Seat of the rider straight. Horse rampant.

V. Seat of the rider straight. Horse soaring.

VI. Seat of the rider inclined. Horse rampant.

VII. Seat of the rider inclined. Horse soaring.

VIII. A special type.

IX. Horse from the front.

X. Remake.


XI. Horse rampant.

XII. Strongly rampant horse.

XIII. Horse soaring.



I. 1728 Date down. Rare.


Weight: 3.53 g

II. 1728 Error in writing of the denomination "KOPENKA." Rare.


Weight: 4.20 g



...for the full list with imagies visit the link. it is worth visiting.

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