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I smashed cents under "better" trains, like the SP 4449 and the UP 844 and still have them. Cannot imagine wanting a smashed coin from a diesel though. BTW Trantor, I was thrilled one time taking the train from Groningen back to Amsterdam in 1993 - seeing a small steam switcher still working some freight. I'd really like to see Nederlands Spoorweg Museum in Utrecht again.

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I'd guess it was squeezed in a vise. You can still see the imprints from the teeth of the device.

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Do you have a picture? I was surprised that mine managed to fit in the roll :P



Here's mine. You can recognize a bit on the obverse, the hair net of Queen Juliana. the reverse is all gone. What is visible are imprints from irregularities in the surface of the track or the wheel. I do not remember which side was up when I put it on the track (was in the first half of the 1980's).

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