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BP "Free Clean Tokens

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Evening All, I was passed some tokens today which are "BP Free Clean" and these are with the old BP shield Logo and all of them have the number "32" on the back of them, I don't know if you lot have had this come up before, but it was be nice to know a little more detail on them. Thanks

2013-05-08 21.04.01.jpg

2013-05-08 21.04.11.jpg

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This is the reply i've had from the BP Archive Department:I’ve had a look through the archives and have found a snippet of information in a BP Car Wash Manual dated approximately 1971. In it there is information on all sorts of things to do with the car washes on BP sites and it gives a little bit of information on Freeclean.


Freeclean was a promotion running during the late 60s and early 70s. The offer was a free wash with every 4 or 6 gallons of petrol purchased (this was still being sorted in 1971 so I cannot tell you which one it was). The petrol station would give out a printed voucher for every gallon bought and then the customer could exchange 4 or 6 vouchers for one Freeclean token. This could be then inserted into the dual coin acceptor to obtain a free wash. Alternatively the person would spend 20p on a wash.


Unfortunately I don’t have further information on how the promotion went or any images of the use of the tokens, however I would say that the item is more than likely one of these.

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