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1912 Penny

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls: I bring to you another intresting feature from my collection to pick at your brains. I Have a George V 1912 Penny, Which is Damaged, but what the damage is i do not know so hence why i come to you lot, My theory is that it has been the victim of a gun shot or it was caused when it was minted. i will include some picture for you lot. Enjoy :D

2013-05-06 21.16.17.jpg

2013-05-06 21.16.32.jpg

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It looks as if it's been placed upon a nut/bolt and then hammered from above. It's definitely post-mint damage as I'm sure someone would've pulled it from circulation if it had such a peculiar feature, yet it is significantly worn.

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I would imagine if it were a gunshot victim then the majority of damage would be in the centre as that's the point of impact. I would also imagine it to be much more irregular in pattern - this looks much more like blunt trauma or a precise strike. Very odd.


At school we used to mess around with coins in all sorts of scenarios - chemicals, heat, force, etc. So I wouldn't be surprised if this suffered a similar fate.

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