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Gotta luv the ads from the private mints!


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Gotta luv the adverts for the private mints selling coins, in the Sunday papers. Two caught my eye this morning. This one was interesting for two reasons, One is for ASE's "STRICT LIMIT of 40 coins per household". but then the price discount caught my eye, I just bought mine from a LCS a week ago for a couple of bucks more than offered. But at least I got mine.

Here is the deal 1-4 coins---$29.95 each +s/h

5-9 ---$29.75

10-19 ---$29.50

20-40 ---$29.25


So the more you buy the more you save .70¢ per coin if you buy 20--40 coins.


The best statement in the 3/4 page ad in USA weekend magazine is "Our advice? Keep this to your self. Tear out the page if you have to,because the more people that know about this offer the worse for you.

Gives an offer code if you call, and their street addy along with their web site. But the best thing is it is the New York ______ located in Minnesota! :elephant:


Like the replica 5 pound Queens jubilee coin my dad bought from the British mint, located in Wyoming! :mf_napoleon:


The other one is for a Attack on Pearl Harbor colorized half dollar for only $2.95 S/H and guaranteed delivery of course the hook is the approval service from a stamp dealer:rolleyes:

Glad I wasn't drinking coffee when I read it. Always nice to start the day with a laff and smile.

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I don't know what the current figures are for response but years ago I sold information with classified ads Before computers. And it was like 1/10 of % to break even on the ads etc. Of course they are aimed at the older people,that don't really understand how collecting works, value rarity etc.


My dad did buy a lot of sets from the mint for his grand kids, it is to bad that most of the mints and proofs have dropped in the selling price both from the blue/red books. But he did enjoy himself while he was doing it. At least he didn't buy a any of the colorized coinage they have sold.

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