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HI There,


Can someone please help me identify these coins? I bought them from Greece and I've been searching everywhere trying to see where they're from. I think they are all from Greece, I think the bigger one is from Eastern Kingdom, the middle one is from Philip V and the three legged one I don't know. Anyone know the value of these coins? I will add the reverse to them as well.


Thank You!



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Those are copies or fantasies made for tourists. The first one has Hermes with pelatos and caduceus which is a rare combo like that. The design is closest to the coins of Bithynia but not an exact copy. The last most likely imitates the triskeles coins from Syracuse.

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Here's a link to a probable model for the triskeles. But yours definitely don't have the style of anything real. Also, in Greece you'd need an export certificate to take anything out of the country and the prices there are much higher than the open market for those shops that do deal in real coins

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