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Who designed the Canadian coins?


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Hi all,



I'm trying to find information on the designers of the Canadian coins. I know some designers (like e.g.

  • George Kruger-Gray
  • Emmanuel Hahn

and some of the Elizabeth obverse designers.


Is there some lis (online) available that holds the (other) designers of the other Canadian coins?




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Yes, primarily the "standard" circulating coins, although, since I have quite some Canadian commems too, I wouldn't mind knowing it for those too,


There appears to be quite some info for me on Numista.com though, which I discovered after posting here.

e.g. look at http://en.numista.co...a=&t=&dg=&w=&g= where many 25 cents coins are found, clicking one leads to more info on that particular coin.


This already brings me a whole lot further.


I wonder why RCM doesn't have this info available online.....

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The RCM couldn't care less about history - it's all about today's bottom line. Some of their recent products have not been the most impressive...

Yeah, when looking at the list of quarters I posted, it seems that almost anything allows them to issue a commem, in variations clad, silver, gold, proof, colored, etc....

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Thanks Lostwords.



When digging up info, I run into a conflict between two sources of info:


Regarding Canadian large cents, (KM# 1, KM# 7, KM# 8 KM# 15 and KM# 21), my two Krause catalogs all list them to have a weight of 3.2400 g.

The Numista website however lists them all as 5.67 g,


I do not have access to a scale that can measure these small weights, so if anyone can shed some light as to which source is correct (if any)....


Since my 2004 Krause also lists the smaller cents (KM# 28 and newer) also at 3.2400 g, I assume Krause is off regarding the large sents....

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