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Were the $5 and $10 made to appx. the same size as gold $5 and $10 pieces? Ditto for the white metal 10c-50c pieces and their corresponding regular silver coins

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I found these interesting because they were issued by the U.S. Government and

are hard to come by in uncirculated condition.


The following is from " The Official Red Book".

1c....Aluminum....5,000 minted

5c....Aluminum....5,000 minted

10c..Aluminum....5,000 minted

25c..Aluminum....3,000 minted

50c..Aluminum....2,500 minted

1$....Aluminum....2,500 minted

5$....Brass..........1,000 minted

10$..Brass..........1,000 minted


Were in circulation for about six months 1935-1936. After which all but 200 sets

were redeemed and melted down. Each token is the size of the corresponding

U.S. coin with the exception of the one cent which is octagonal.

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Great set, but your one cent appears to be round?

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Should have figured something like that. Nice piece.

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