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Error Coins - Off Center, Unstruck Planchet ENDED

Guest Stujoe

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Two US Lincoln errors up for auction. One is an off center, the other is an ustruck planchet. Pictures are of the actual coins up for auction.











Starting Bid: $1

Minimum Bid Increment: 25 cents

Ending Time: Sept 17, 2005 at 5:00 PM Central US Time Zone (My Time)

Shipping: Free.

Payment: Checks, Money Order or Paypal (Very Much Preferred) will be made to Tiff for distribution.

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*sigh* Well, I still want to help out the forums numbers.  If I don't have the time required to bid, can I just give money instead?




What a great responce! Send a PM off to Tiffibunny, she is the one collecting the $$s so she is the one you would work out a donation with.


Thanks SN, you sound like a good person. Sorry about the bidding, I remember getting my posts fast also and then having to wait. Its worth it.



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